CORE-Design Group is an architectural and structural design consulting firm that specializes in commercial, corporate, manufacturing and institutional projects. Our goal is to build relationships with our clients that transcend a “just the facts” approach — to establish relationships that give us the insights needed to create truly inspired designs.

We believe that design and architecture exist to meet both practical and emotional requirements of humanity. To meet these requirements, we strive to have a balanced understanding of both the functional and aesthetic elements that are vital to the success of any project. After all, architecture isn't defined by the architects, but by the needs of the society we serve.

CORE-Design Group was the brainchild of industry veterans Peter Lutz and Teen Vebares. With nearly 50 years of combined experience and dozens of projects between them, Pete and Teen set out to create a firm that didn't just create buildings, but created relationships. The belief that an organization that knows its clients as individuals is better able to help them realize their goals is the premise behind CORE-Design Group. Serving clients that are willing to take ownership, become part of the team, and believe in a vision is what allows CORE-Design Group to excel.

We are always changing, growing… becoming. It is in times of transition that we find a greater meaning, and a deeper understanding. It was through this process that CORE-Design Group was born, and it is in this process that we will continue to grow.

Peter J. Lutz, AIA, LEED AP, CCC

Pete Lutz is a founding Principal of CORE – Design Group Architects. Pete has earned respect far beyond the architectural community. His undying dedication, loyalty and commitment not only define his architectural career, they underscore his reputation as an individual of high integrity and strong moral character.

Pete notes that “The marketplace is in constant flux and our economy will continually evolve. But we pride ourselves as an organization in being able to provide strong leadership and stability in those times our clients need us the most.” Adding, “Our first priority is to establish mutual respect and to secure the faith of our clients. Those elements form the fundamental basis of CORE – Design Group’s foundation.”

Pete was the Project Architect on the Westfalia Technologies Center, which was recognized in 2001 with the “Honor Award,” the highest award given by the Central Pennsylvania Chapter of the AIA. Through his meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering focus on completing each project to the highest standards, Pete consistently produces results that exceed client expectations.

Pete has achieved LEED accredited Professional certification from the U.S. Green Building council and is a Certified Church Consultant (CCC) registered through the National Association of Church Design Builders (NACDB).

Teen Vebares, Associate AIA, CCC

Teen Vebares is a founding Principal of CORE – Design Group Architects. As the firm’s Lead Designer, Teen has carved and established a niche in Architecture through his understanding and commitment to a function first approach. From the onset, Teen’s involvement is very critical in the development of the client’s programming requirements and creation of the concept image.

“The key ingredients to establishing a successful relationship with any client are to be a great listener and be sensitive to their needs, first above all else. In today’s market, our clients are very intelligent, very much hands-on, they know what they want and it is our profession to assist them in obtaining their goal and to help facilitate and create their vision.”

With that being the basis of Teen’s architectural foundation, it is easily understandable why his ability to produce attention-getting results has translated into innovative award-winning designs. Prior to founding CORE – Design Group, Mr. Vebares was Concept Designer on a number of award-winning projects, namely, retail giant Boyds Bears, York Township Municipal Complex, Citizens National Bank Corporate Office, and Apple BMW.

Teen is a registered Certified Church Consultant (CCC) registered through the National Association of Church Design Builders (NACDB).

Boards & committees

Cecil County Activities; Cecil Arts Council Board of Directors – (2007 to present) is a non-profit organization, dedicated to “presenting, promoting and sustaining the arts in Cecil County”. (Mr. Vebares sits on numerous committees’)

Cecil County Chamber of Commerce – (2009 to present) is a non-profit organization dedicated to “advocate a strong viable economic environment in Cecil County”. (Mr. Vebares sits on numerous committees’)

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